South-East Tours

Yerevan-Khor Virap-Yerevan

80 km - 3 hours

S. Grigor Lusavourich abyss and church,
















In ancient times, the historic city of Artashat was located here, with the citadel located on the hills of Khor virap. The monastery now standing was built in late-medieval times on the site of the royal prison of ancient Armenia, where St. Grigor the illuminator was incarcerated.


250 km - 7 hours

Khor Virap, Areni wine factory












[Nor monastery] was build during the 13-14th centuries. It was the spiritual center of Syunik, and the dynastic graveyard of the princes of the House of Orbeli. The most remarkable construction of the architectural monument is the church of the Virgin, constructed in 14-th in by the talented architect and sculptor Momik.



380 km - 9 hours

Khor Virap, Noravank, Jermuk













560 km - 11 hours

Tatev monastery















Tathev monastery

Dating from to the IX-th century, the Tathev Monastery is one of the most impressive examples of Armenian religious architecture. The monastery is located in a rugged landscape of high mountains.



620 km - 2 days

Noravank, Areni wine factory, Tatev monastery, Bakunts museum, Khondzoresk
















Areni village


950 km - 2 days

1-day Noravank, Shushi museum, Church of Ghazanchestsots

2-day Askeran fortress Gandzasar










1080 km - 3 days

1-day Noravank, Stepanakert

2-day Amaras, Shushi

3-day Gandzasar


        Nagornii Kharabakh (historical name Artzakh) occupies both  east and southeast mountain and foothill areas of Small Caucasus making a northeast part of the Armenian mountains. The capital is the city of Stepanakert.

         The city - fortress Shushi the first mentioning of which dates to the beginning of 18-th century, is one of the spiritual centres of Caucasus. The political idea and scientific - cultural elite of Armenians of Transcaucasia  was formed here.

          There were 221 functioning churches in Kharabakh. In Shushi function 2 churches nowadays, the church of Amenaprkich Kazanchezi (from 1868 up to 1887) and the church of Hovhanness Mkrtich(1847)








The Church of Ghazanchestsots