The agency of family tourism "MurAz", the only agency in Armenia by a principle of work with tourists, with love invites you to visit  Armenia, to visit the warm family center where you will feel cosy and safe. Thus you will find new friends and leaving will take away with you unforgettable memories.  


Our agency is created by spouses Hovhannanes Muradyan and Armine Azizyan in 1995. It is fixed by the certificate from the world tourist organization. We are musicians we love our country very much and we are proud of our Native land and we acquaint our guests not only with historical monuments and sights of Armenia, but also with art, culture, crafts and traditions of our country.


We will acquaint you with famous art workers, (artists, musicians, sculptors, with masters of different crafts), we shall visit their houses or studios and in a family atmosphere we shall have a nice talk about features of our peoples. Accepting small groups or families, (5-6 persons) we give an opportunity of an individual choice of the tours and the entertainment.


Before getting in contact with tourists we take into account their preferences, age and professions. Taking into account all the preferences and having discussed the price of the tours by E-Mail, you will be free from any kind of expenses connected with travels in Armenia .


There will be a comfortable "Chrysler Voyager" for 6 persons, with conditioner at your order. You will be served by a highly skilled driver - guide well knowing the history and the culture of Armenia and the translator 24 hours. For a small additional payment you may receive high-quality Chinese medical and relaxing massage.


For more detailed information visit our web-site or get in touch with us by E-Mail. We also organize tours to Georgia. 


Our agency of family tourism "MurAz" waits for you.