Historical sketch

Armenians belong to one of the most ancient nations of the world. The first notification about Armenia and Armenians is possible to meet in records of the Persian king Dareh I in 522-486 B.C Armenians are mentioned even in the works of Homer (9-6 centuries B.C.).

In the second millennium B.C., Assyrians named Armenia the "Country of Nairi" which means the country of the rivers. In the first millennium B.C. Assyrian cuneiform writings mention the state of Urartu. In the beginning of 9-th B.C. a powerful Urartian empire was formed with Van as the capital.

The ethnic formation of the Armenian people and its language finished in 5-6 centuries B.C. The entry of Armenia in our era was marked by several historical events; the country, in consequence of numerous wars began to fall between the states (Iran, Rome, Osmanli Turkey).

In the first century of the new era, an important event happened in the life of Armenian people which has decided all its subsequent history. In 301 Armenia accepted Christianity as the state religion.