The territory and the population


The republic Armenia occupies an area of 29800 square kilometers. The average height of the territory above sea level makes 1800 meters, the greatest height - top of mountain Aragats in height of 4090 meters. The least height is the gorge of the river the Debit -380 meters. 95,66 % of the population are Armenians.


Kurds, Greeks, Assyrians, Russians and Ukrainians also live in the republic.




The climate in Armenia is changeable. The 2700 hours in a year, it's a sunny weather.  It is extraordinary beautiful in autumn which lasts up to the beginning of December. Air is filled with aromas of fine and surprisingly tasty fruit.



The flora of Armenia is rich with more than 3200 kinds of plants. The nature of Armenia is also rich with herbs. The Armenian historian of 5-th century Khazar Parpetzi in his works marked, that roots of numerous plants of the trees helped people to struggle with illnesses and even with getting old.