Architecture of ancient Armenia is one of brilliant pages of the history of world architecture. Acquaintance to monuments of Armenia brings not only high aesthetic pleasure, but also is extremely valuable for studying the development of world architecture.

Armenia is the first country in the world to accept Christianity as the state religion in 301. By the end of the 6 - 7 centuries, the construction of Christian temples roughly began to develop. The architecture and inhabited constructions has considerably changed. Approaches to cities were protected by powerful strengthening and cities were surrounded by fortifications. In the big monasteries book-depositories and other constructions were erected. The prevailing form of small memorial constructions become a cross - stones, khachqars, monuments characteristic only for Armenia.

Khachqars were erected for the most different occasions - a victory above the enemy, a bookmark of the new bridge or a village.

The architecture of the Middle Ages has brought world glory and to masters of a groove. Their great skill promoted that in 989, after the earthquake in Byzantium, restoration of a dome of the main cathedral Over Sofia was trusted Armenian architect Trdat.